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Our Quality Assurance program is designated to systematically monitor, measure, and evaluate the standards, and appropriateness of care and services to assure clients the highest possible level of service.

Home Care Service

Nursing Services

Registered & Licensed Nurses

Our team of Licensed and Registered Nurses have been thoroughly trained to meet the challenges of their field and are required to attend continuing educational classes to stay up-to-date with the latest changes, discoveries, and treatments in the medical field.

Our Nurses provide services for

  • Wound Care Management

  • Diabetic Care

  • Cardiac Care

  • Post-operative Care

  • Diagnosis teaching and instructions

  • Safe Measure

  • Instructions on Medication regime

  • High Tech, IV therapy, Infusion

Personal Care

Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aides

Home Health Aide provide personal care to our patients under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Therapist.

Home Health Aide provide

  • Personal care to our patients under the supervision of a Nurse/Therapist

  • Assist with bathing

  • Prepare, serve meals

  • Light housekeeping

  • Pick up groceries and medications for patients at local grocery stores or pharmacy

  • Assist with ADL's

  • Assist with ambulation, transfers

  • Assist with self administration of medications

Therapy Services

Physical, Occupational, Speech

Our therapist evaluate each patient's physical impairments and functional limitations and establish a plan of care in cohesion with the patient's physician in order to achieve optimal rehab outcomes.

Our therapist can offer:

Physical Therapy services, assist in restoring and maintaining maximum musculoskeletal  functions. From hip fractures to sprains, to patients with unsteady gait, our therapist are specialized in helping the patient restore their confidence in their ability to ambulate themselves throughout their lining environment.

Occupational Therapy strives to improve the level of independence in activities of daily living.

Speech Therapy assists in improving swallowing disorders and the communicates activities of daily living.

Ace Home health Services, believes in the healing benefits a patient receives by being treated in the comfort of their own home, most patients who meet the criteria for home care can be treated cost-efffectively while achieving psychological and sociological benefits of in-home treatments.


                                                                          WE ACCEPT MEDICAID/MEDICARE/HMO AND PRIVATE.

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